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Excellence, Innovation and Technological Foresight

University of Dar es Salaam Computing Centre

It is UCC has the qualifications, experience and resources todevelop any ICT training programme for various applications. In these courses, our ICT Curriculum Development experts will partner with you to develop the best ICT content that fits your career requirements.


Our Tailor-made Courses include:

International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) with online Examination

Basic and Advanced Microcomputer Applications

Executive Computer Applications

Executive Records Management

Executive Electronic Records Management

Basic and Advanced Corporate Data Protection and Network Security

Basic and Advanced Cyber Security

IT Governance

Inter-networking Professional Programmes

Basic and Advanced Data Analysis for beginners and seasoned researchers

Accounting Packages

Collaborative Programmes with other non-ICT trainers, e.g. educational institutions, NGOs, community-basedorganizations and the like.


For more information on our Tailor made Courses please feel free to contact our Customer Support Officer at 022 2410645 or visit our nearest branches.