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University of Dar es Salaam Computing Centre

Today many organizations are using ICT as an effective tool to provide efficient and effectiveness customer focused and best value services with minimal resources.

What is an ICT Master Plan?
It is a document developed to identify ICT projects within the organization, required infrastructure for these projects and provide guidance for implementating those projects. It specifies the implementation strategies, action plans and estimates resources that are needed to realize ICT policy. Therefore the ICT Strategy or ICT Master Plan is a key document to support the future ICT activities of the organization.

Objectives of ICT Strategy
Some of the objectives of the ICT Master Plan are:
• To transform an organization into an e-enabled and efficient service provider for its customers; 
• To provide direction and focus for ICT across the whole organization;
• To provide general specification for ICT projects and associated planning based on goals of ICT policy best practices of ICT;
• To provide indicative estimates for needed resources (financial and human) for each project;
• To identify priorities in project implementation as well as show dependence or synergies between projects.
• To indicate how projects are related and how to take advantage of National and International ICT developments.

Why UCC?
What differentiates UCC in this marketplace is not just our skills and experience, but our unique insight into how ICT Strategy/ICT Master Plan is tailored and developed to address strategic and operational requirements of the organization on a global scale while meeting customer needs.