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University of Dar es Salaam Computing Centre

Internet usage in our country is becoming a common way that many people prefer to communicate, share data, provide services to clients and process information among others. However, this broad access has also brought with it the possibility of data theft, hence disclosure of private information,which has caused many organizations and institutions to lose their credibility and reputation in the society. It is important to note that,the threat of data theft may originate from internal or external people of the Organization.

As the threats above are increasing, ICT Security issue has become a priority for many Organizations. But in order to properly address ICT security, the Organization must have in place ICT Security Policy and Procedures document.

This document covers various things such as:

Organization vision and commitment to security, Organization standards and guidelines regarding what is acceptable and not acceptable when using Organization ICT systems.

Finally, the document provides penalties outline for failure to adhere to the policy.

Having this in mind, we are recommending to your good office to contact us to study your ICT Business Processes and environment and develop for your organization the ICT Security Policy and Procedures document.