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  • Last Update: Apr 17, 2023

About This Course

Course Overview

Business Process Management optimizes the results from your organizations' process improvement initiatives. This Business Process Management (BPM) Orientation provides an insightful and high-level overview that prepares you to lead your team through achieving business process excellence through an improved understanding of customer requirements, process requirements, and measures of success and failures. This effort leads to improved results in process performance and better engagement for process improvement activities.  BPM is examined as an overarching initiative aimed at transforming organizations through process improvement and organizational alignment.

The three pillars of successful BPM – people, process, and technology – will be examined and extensively discussed.  Throughout the three days, students will be exposed to various BPM methodologies, including Six Sigma, Lean, Balanced Scorecard, and Kaizen. The core of the course will center on the transformation that enterprises must go through in adopting BPM, spanning ten stages of adoption.

Who Should Attend

Business processes cut through all levels of an organization. Anyone engaged as a process owner or process improvement team leader—in any market or industry—will benefit from this workshop.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants are able to: Get a working definition of process management methodology and how it links to other methodologies. Understand the five phases of business process management. Identify key stakeholders in business process management. Develop a detailed understanding of the process that needs to be measured. Develop measures that link to your customer. Identify process failures within the process. Develop key drivers of customer satisfaction. Develop an improvement impact analysis related to stakeholders, process owners, and participants. Develop an action plan to move forward.


A laptop is required and must allow installation of software. Delegates should have process mapping experience